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Cover art: The Sickle Upon Sekigahara

The Sickle Upon Sekigahara

Set during the tail end of Japan’s Warring States period, in this Visual Novel the player controls the fate of the young feudal warlord, Kobayakawa Hideaki.

As Hideaki you must navigate the troubling political machinations between the Second Korean Invasion (1597) and the Sekigahara Campaign (1600).

Deluxe Edition includes Soundtrack and Digital Art Book.

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Founded in 2014 as a husband-wife joint operation to develop independent games the lovely couple have released a handful of small games for competitions and jams.

So where does the name Nic3Ntertainment come from? Irony, mostly. The husband-wife duo are linguistic purists who used ‘leetspeak’ ironically and one day, they saw a box at work labeled ‘Nic3’. No idea what the box was for (it was filled with Cat5 cables) but it started an inside joke of using the box as a landmark, the ‘Nice Box’.

Cue trainees being taken into the room and getting the line, “Oi, innit a nice box, mate?” So when it came time to name their company, they decided to call it Nice Entertainment…or in leetpseak, Nic3Ntertainment with both words sharing the leet ‘e’. And then just to confound things more, they pronounce it Nick-Three-Entertainment.

So there’s that story for you.

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