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The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Made It?

I did.~Rich Okay, okay, so it was a joint effort (honestly I’m not even the most talented – far from it actually). So I acted as Producer, Writer, and Voice Director. This means that I handled the money aspect – how budget was distributed, who got hired, how much they were offered in terms ofContinue reading “The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Made It?”

The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Is Hideaki?

The main character, in other words the person you will be playing as, in The Sickle Upon Sekigahara is the young medieval warlord Kobayakawa Hideaki. For those who don’t know much about the climactic Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Hideaki is not a particularly well known figure. So who was he exactly, and why didContinue reading “The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Is Hideaki?”

The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: What Is It?

Our debut title, The Sickle Upon Sekigahara, is a short visual novel where you play as a young Kobayakawa Hideaki. The game takes place mostly between 1597 and 1600 in the Warring States Era of Japan. The Warring States Era, known as Sengoku Jidai in Japanese, lasted from the outset of the Onin War inContinue reading “The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: What Is It?”