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The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Oh! There It Is!

We finally have a full, official release – hell, high water, or another pandemic we will be officially releasing on June 22, 2020!

You can check the Steam page and the page for more information.

Steam is still giving us a little bit of trouble for the blooper video, soundtrack, and art book, so there may be a delay to the Deluxe Edition’s availability on that particular platform. But’s great and everything will be released on-time on the 22nd there, no matter what.

We’ve also got a special secret surprise for the soundtrack coming. I mean, its not sup secret, really, but it is special. We’ve teamed up with a special guest to make a remix of one of the tracks and we’re adding it to the soundtrack as a special bonus. We got the final draft of it today and it is a pretty neat little track (I listened to it 6 times in a row, myself).

We’re looking forward to sharing this story with you all in just a few weeks!


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