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The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: No, Really, Where Is It?

So as you may know we were planning on getting everything out tomorrow on May 20th. But this time the pandemic has actually hampered us. While we’re moving at speed we continued to have issues with our distributor (Steam). Trying to get things fixed and situated is a slog, and with their reduced manpower in the wake of the quarantine efforts everything is slowed down.

Every issue we have takes several days to fix because it comes down to this routine:

  1. Something fails to work properly (or at the least the way we want it to).
  2. Try to find a solution on the site.
  3. If a solution exists – it likely is the result of effort put forth several versions of the site/apps we have to run now. This means any tutorials or directions often include steps referencing things that don’t exist or are named something different now.
  4. Solution doesn’t work half the time anyway, so we need to contact the support desk.
  5. Support desk gives us a form response without actually reading out issue.
  6. Inform help desk that they didn’t read my initial issue and therefore their ‘solution’ won’t help.
  7. Wait a day, because Corona.
  8. Help desk responds with another form message, still ignoring the root issue.
  9. Inform help desk they still, clearly, haven’t read the initial issue.
  10. Wait another day.
  11. Help desk will respond, finally addressing the issue at hand, and either ask a real question or give a suggested solution which usually just comes down to “we use a third party company for that, so contact them and tell them their stuff’s broken”.
    • Third party company either doesn’t respond or claims their stuff’s working fine. So respond to Help desk saying their contractor says the issue is on their end.
  12. Help desk does something on their end. Suddenly things miraculously work – though it often requires redoing a bunch of stuff on our end.

So, we are not going to hit our release date – again.

Even though the fault isn’t entirely our own – we still feel like we’ve messed up, because we gave a date and failed to deliver on that date (twice). So here’s something to look forward to:

While we aren’t going to promise a new date, we will announce when everything is done and the official, unalienable, date will be. In the meantime enjoy the news that we have decided to move one of the items from the ‘Deluxe Edition’ to be a free release.

That’s some mistakin’ yer doin’ there, fellah.

That’s right – when the game finally, officially, releases the blooper video (which is about fifteen minutes long and hilarious, in my opinion) will be released for free. And, since in all honesty the game is done – it’s gold, ready to be sold – we’ve decided to take the time to spruce up some of the special features in the meantime, so we’re going back and adding more visuals to the blooper reel.

tl;dr: Digital distribution of games sucks, we’re sorry we won’t release when we said we would, so in response we’ll be offering some sweet free stuff.


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