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The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Where The Hell Is It?

Aww geez, that’s a real good question. You see when we put forth all of the 1st Quarter 2020 branding, we were ahead of schedule. But then? Then Valve.

Yeah so we’ve spent the last month fighting with Valve to get a Steam page up and get everything working through them. It took way longer than we thought it would and it also pushed us back because resources that should have been put toward testing and finalizing things got put into long stays at the bank, helpdesk conversations, unpleasant chats with the IRS, etc.

Our ultimate goal was actually to get everything released and live on March 20th, leaving March 31st as a second choice. But at this point we have to come right out and admit that such a goal isn’t even possible, much less plausible.

We have modified our release date to be May, now. That will let us get the Steam page up, finish the testing, handle anymore curve balls Valve throws at us, and polish the last bit of the special features.

Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you’ll enjoy the game – and keep coming back for more, because my coping mechanism for sitting around waiting is to fill notebooks full of game ideas. We currently have planned titles for the next two years with other members of our crew already starting work on them – when they aren’t dragged into the testing chamber, of course.

More news should be coming from us soon – once the Steam page is done, and the trailer officially released, and all that other fun stuff!


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