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The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Made It? (Music)

Early one we decided we wanted a more custom approach to the music of The Sickle Upon Sekigahara, so we hired Nicolas Keke Adjignon and his Moessacre Rex Studio. You can find his soundcloud here.

All in all we had 7 tracks produced. Here’s a sampling of a few seconds from all of them.

The official track listing we include in the digital art book for the Deluxe Edition goes as such:

Track 1 – The Sickle Upon Sekigahara (Title Theme) [ 関ヶ原の鎌 ]
Track 2 – Castle of Serenity (Calm Theme) [ 静寂の城 ]
Track 3 – Wise Counsel (Council Theme) [ 賢明な助言 ]
Track 4 – Victory Over My Enemies! (Happy Theme) [ 敵を打ち負かそう]
Track 5 – Woe Is Me! (Sad Theme) [ 災いは私だ ]
Track 6 – I Am A True Warrior! (War Theme) [ 私は真の戦士です ]
Track 7 – Falling Blossoms (Credits Theme) [ 落ちる花 ]


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