The Sickle Upon Sekigahara: Who Made It?

I did.

Okay, okay, so it was a joint effort (honestly I’m not even the most talented – far from it actually).

So I acted as Producer, Writer, and Voice Director. This means that I handled the money aspect – how budget was distributed, who got hired, how much they were offered in terms of pay, how and when they were paid, etc.

I also wrote all of the narration and dialogue in the game. Doubled as the marketing copy writer for things like press releases, storefront pages, and – y’know – this website.

And as Voice Director I handled the auditions, selection process, hiring, pay, and set up of the voice lines for the dialogue and narration. Normally these would be three separate roles (possibly even four) but given that we are a small operation, one must wear several hats around here.

So…who made the other stuff, you might be asking? Well, I’ve already talked about our talented voice cast, so today lets talk about the artists we hired to help make this game a reality.

-Cover Art-

First, let’s talk about our cover art: Made by the talented Danish artists, Sandra Sørensen, who goes by sasoes online. Check out her tumblr page, here. She also made the scary-neat Tiger Pelt scene and Hidemoto’s climactic arrival used during the Siege of Ulsan section of the game.

-Background Art-

Hailing from a little further east than Sandra comes our background artist is Alexander Vasilyev – you can find his DeviantArt page here. Alex was very quick with his turnaround and brought the background art side of things waaay ahead of schedule, which was nice because things that are behind schedule are, as one might guess, bad.

-Event Art-

We have a few major events that have special event portraits. Both of these event portraits were made by the talented young artist, mai-koh. You can check out their Deviant Art page right here.

-Character Art-

Ukita Hideie – Hideaki’s personal rival in the game.

And with a very unique style of digital painting that we absolutely adored when she proposed it to us, is our character artists: Plueschkatze. She had a unique style that we liked to begin with and then on top of that she proposed the neat watercolor styling we ultimately adopted for the character portraits. You can check out her twitter here.

These talented artists are a big reason why The Sickle Upon Sekigahara looks anywhere near as good as it does. Without them it would just a bunch of misshapen stick figures begging for euthanasia.

In a couple weeks we’ll talk about the music and give a little sample for you folks to listen to.

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